About us

The difficult economic situation in the market for sound and lighting equipment, with high taxes and tariffs, made the idea of creating a small business in this area surface. So ACÚSTICA is born

Bearing in mind the difficulty of surviving in a highly competitive industry, ACÚSTICA has since the beginning, betted in products with a high price/quality ratio and in the fulfillment of all delivery deadlines, almost always very ambitious.

In the absence of companies with the capability of delivering quality and within scheduled dates, parts and components of such kind of equipment, it was immediately noted the need for creating a greater autonomy in what providers are concerned. So the path was taken for creating a self-sustaining organization, in which, almost all the parts and pieces necessary for the final product are made.

Having thus obtained a well established place on the Portuguese market, it was decided to expand into international markets, starting with neighboring Spain through an exhibition of ACUSTICA´S products in an Exhibition in Madrid.

The innovation of the products, with a more aggressive looking design, quite different from the standard, using alternate colors besides the usual black ,commonly used by other manufacturers, has yielded surprising results, exceeding all expectations.

The consolidation of the Spanish market has made clear the need to convert the entire production process, both in regard to equipment and working methods. Investments were made in the purchase of modern machines, with the capability of production and quality above the needs of the moment always bearing in mind that the quantities normally produced for domestic consumption, are not sufficient for the needs of the Spanish market.

After starting to supply this market, ACÚSTICA was contacted by customers from other countries, to where it began exporting.

ACÚSTICA usually takes part in the largest exhibition of this trade: Frankfurt. This fact made known the potential of the products ACÚSTICA, causing it to become a modern and dynamic company capable of competing with Asian countries. Thus, the entry into the EC, as spoken and feared by many entrepreneurs had no impact on company.

Today ACÚSTICA manufactures not only products with its brand but also produces for other manufacturers and customers with their own brands, always with a good price/quality ratio, which quickly made ACÚSTICA a company of reference, and its products as a main buying option.



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